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Emirates News Agency – Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs and Federal Youth Authority announce partnership to build political awareness among young people


DUBAI, 30th August, 2022 (WAM) — The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA) has announced a partnership with the Federal Youth Authority (FYA), in line with UAE Government guidelines and strategies aimed at promoting partnerships among federal government entities in the best interests of the country and its citizens.

The partnership will develop and implement a series of initiatives and projects aimed at consolidating the political awareness of young people, as well as encouraging them to contribute to parliamentary work, promote their proposals and jointly establish plans for the future and of development.

An integrated action plan set out several short and long-term goals to ensure the highest levels of youth participation, in line with the UAE Youth Empowerment and Engagement Model, as part of the National Youth Strategy and United Arab Emirates Centenary 2071.

The partnership was announced in the presence of Shamma bint Suhail Al Mazrouei, Minister of State for Youth, Tariq Hilal Lootah, Undersecretary of MFNCA, Saeed Al Nazari, Director General of FYA, and Sami Mohammed bin Adi, Assistant Undersecretary secretary for support services at MFNCA, in addition to several directors and officials on both sides.

Al Mazrouei pointed out that according to the UAE Youth Empowerment and Engagement Model, the National Youth Agenda has defined a range of development sectors, in line with the UAE Centenary 2071.

“In this context, I affirm our willingness to work under the directives of the President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to invest in the energies of young people and direct them towards development, in particular their political participation through parliamentary work. , which has acquired a pioneering and rich experience since the creation of the Union and has also involved the active participation of young people in decision-making and responsibility,” she said.

FYA’s cooperation with the work of the MFNCA will enhance the participation of young people in parliamentary work, which will contribute to achieving the objectives set by the State and will position the UAE distinctively at the national and international levels by implementing qualitative initiatives. that will allow young people to participate in the parliamentary work of the next fifty years, she added.

Lootah stressed the importance of partnership in promoting the culture of political participation. He highlighted the UAE’s parliamentary outreach and youth parliamentary outreach, in line with the UAE leadership’s directives to empower this group through innovative processes, in addition to providing them with the tools they need to strengthen their role in the society, strengthen their capacity to contribute to decision-making and nation-building, and enable them to participate in advancing the stature of the UAE towards greater excellence and leadership, in the run-up to the UAE’s centenary .

He then affirmed the ministry’s commitment to building strategic partnerships with government entities across the country to achieve its goals, promote a culture of political participation among young people and invest in their potential, which, in turn, will support the department’s own activities.

Youth is a pillar of all political advancement plans and efforts to boost parliamentary development across the UAE. They are a key element in ensuring the success and preservation of the UAE’s record of achievements, he added.

Al Nazari said that young people have played a key role in the Federal National Council (FNC) since its inception, and that the vision of the UAE leaders has enabled them to have an influential voice in the council.

He then underlined the importance of partnership in developing the capacities of young people and qualifying them to be influential partners in the overall development process. The Emirati parliamentary experience is inspiring and offers young people the opportunity to participate and use their tools, as well as assume their roles and hone their skills.

“We want young people to be able to participate effectively in policy-making and define their role in shaping solutions. We will ensure that we cultivate talents and build capacities to better understand the country’s parliamentary experience,” he said. he declared.

The partnership includes the organization of specialized studies on the interests of young people and their professional and cultural needs in terms of political participation, as well as on their role in spreading political awareness within society, the publication of raising awareness on political participation and its impact, and helping those interested in participating to organize the FNC elections.

The two parties also agreed to form an executive working group to oversee their work plan, according to set deadlines and performance indicators, to measure results and effectiveness.