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Greece targets Indian tourists, urges consulates to speed up processing of Schengen visas


The Greek authorities plan to attract more travelers from India after the interest of the latter’s citizens in the Hellenic Republic marked a notable increase.

The Greek Ministry of Tourism pointed out that after the United States, from where the country expects a total of 500,000 travelers, Indian citizens are also very interested in visiting the Hellenic Republic, reports SchengenVisaInfo.com.

According to the statement from the Ministry of Tourism of Greece, this is the main reason why Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias requested the immediate strengthening of the Greek Embassy in New Delhi as well as the consular office, after the intervention of the Minister of Tourism. , Vassilis Kikilias, in order to be able to respond to the increased number of applications.

Among the main objectives of the Minister of Tourism is the opening of the Indian market in order to attract the most spendthrift travellers.

The same ministry noted that Indian tourists are ranked first in the world in terms of money spent on their holidays while pointing out that in 2022, the corresponding expenditure is expected to increase by 122% in total compared to pre-pandemic levels. .

Recently, the World Tourism Organization pointed out that Indians spend four times more money abroad than the average Japanese and Chinese tourists, and a total of 140% more than tourists from the United Kingdom and 71 % more than those in the United States. states.

Gastronomy, luxury tourism, culture and tourism are some of the products that most attract Indian citizens when planning to visit the Hellenic Republic.

In this regard, Minister Kikilias considered India as a huge tourism market with a large number of travelers interested in alternative as well as thematic tourism, while adding that the country has invested in these types of tourism because there are too many advantages:

“Firstly, we are attracting spendthrift travellers, secondly, we are extending our tourist season and thirdly, we are ‘illuminating’ other alternative destinations in our country, which until today were not very important,” he said. -he adds. said Minister Kikilias.

He went on to say that he is optimistic that the country will achieve such a goal, which is to strengthen the average Greek family in many areas.

Greece is among the European countries that have managed to welcome a large number of visitors from other countries, despite the difficulties caused by the restrictions imposed to stop the spread of the virus, such as entry bans and travel restrictions.