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Have your say on the Foreign Affairs Amendment Bill (Consular Loans)


The Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade Committee is now inviting public submissions on the Foreign Affairs (Consular Loans) Amendment Bill.

The bill would expressly authorize the long-standing practice of the Foreign Secretary of lending money to or for New Zealand citizens and permanent residents who are outside New Zealand. Before lending the money, the Minister should be satisfied that the person receiving the loan is in distress, that exceptional circumstances exist, and that lending the money would provide short-term assistance consistent with the consular functions of New Zeeland.

The bill would also validate consular loans made by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in good faith, after the Public Finances Act 1989 was amended in 2013 and before the department received a delegation of authority in 2020 to lend money under the Public Finance Act.

Tell the Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade Committee what you think

Make a quote on the invoice before 11:59 p.m. on September 8, 2022.

For more details on the invoice:

· Read the full content of the bill

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