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Iran says it will reciprocate if EU continues interventionist behavior


TEHRAN — Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman on Monday warned European countries that Iran would respond appropriately if they continued their interventionist behavior.

Nasser Kanaani made the remarks hours before European Union foreign ministers added 11 Iranians and four institutions, including the head of Iran’s morality police, to a travel and ban list. Freezing assets for what he called their role in suppressing protests following the death in custody of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.
“Unanimous decision today to take action against those in #Iran responsible for the death of #MahsaAmini and the violent crackdown on peaceful protests,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell tweeted.
Speaking in his weekly presser, Kanaani responded to the recent unrest in Iran, noting that European countries are applying double standards in handling protests in Iran compared to those in their own country.

The diplomat then noted that Iran is a “responsible state that respects the opinions of its citizens and their security” and that Iran has also played an important role in protecting the security of other countries in the region.

“Iran is a responsible state that respects its citizens.

“We invite the European parties to be rational and to adhere to their slogans. They speak of Iran, a powerful and responsible country that has played and continues to play a decisive role in the stability and security of the region,” Kanaani said.

He added that Iran “has always behaved responsibly towards regional and international issues, and is a country that can be the most important partner and collaborator in creating peace, stability and security in the region if European parties act rationally,” Kanaani said.

He then invites Europeans to be rational and warns them against adopting unreasonable and interventionist behavior.

“In all our discussions with the Europeans, it was stressed that if the European side is ready to interact from a position of mutual respect, Iran is ready to interact and cooperate, but if it adopts an interventionist and selective behavior and uses rigged double standards policies, Iran will show a proportionate and reciprocal response. This applies to every European country as well as the stance that the EU has pledged to take,” he said. he warned.
The spokesperson added that European countries have a responsibility to protect Iranian embassies, but have not fulfilled their obligation in this regard.

An Iranian school and some Islamic centers attacked in other countries are among the examples of Europe’s negligence in safeguarding Iranian places, the diplomat listed.

Regarding recent sanctions imposed by the UK on some Iranian officials, Kanaani said Tehran had protested seriously and would respond accordingly.

The talks in Vienna are not deleted from our agenda

Asked whether Iran considers talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal dead, the spokesperson dismissed the hypothesis, stressing that the problem is the contradictory behavior and comments of US officials, while they continue to exchange messages while doing things that cannot be considered complementary to the negotiation process.
“It seems that all technical areas are there to revive the agreement and bring all parties back to the JCPOA. The negotiation process is on track and the technical agreements are good, because they are the basis for the agreement, the conclusion and the implementation of the agreement,” the diplomat said, adding that nevertheless, this question depends on the political decision of the government. US government and they can come back to the agreement whenever they want.
“Iran has repeatedly announced that it will not wait for the reinstatement of the nuclear deal and will continue its relations and foreign policy based on the announced policies with all its parties and partners,” Kanaani said. .

Iran did not arm the fighting parties in the war in Ukraine

The diplomat reiterated that Iran has not sent arms to any warring party in the war between Ukraine and Russia and that Iran opposes the war and tries to help stop it .

“Just as the Islamic Republic of Iran has opposed war against Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic is based on opposition to war and military solutions to resolve political disputes. Tehran is against the war in Ukraine and this position is in line with its capability and the good relations between the two countries. Having good relations with both sides in the conflict, Iran has made its own efforts to end to the military crisis,” the diplomat noted.

He went on to call claims that Iran sent drones to Russia a “bitter political irony” made by countries that export billions of dollars in weapons on one side of the war, and now accuse a other country to send arms to the other side. of the war.
They are starting a propaganda and psychological war against Iran, the spokesman noted.

The United States was not ready for the prisoner exchange

Regarding the prisoner exchange with the United States, the diplomat said that Iran was ready for a prisoner exchange agreement and that such an agreement had already been concluded, but that the United States was not not ready to implement it.
“We confirm the conclusion of an agreement on the exchange of prisoners and we have already confirmed this before. This agreement was not reached in recent days but a long time ago, but the American side was not ready to implement the agreement and submitted the prisoner exchange agreement to the stimulus agreement of the JCPOA,” the spokesperson said.