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Mayor Renan Barrera asks Ministry of Foreign Relations to strengthen tourism promotion – The Yucatan Times


The Mayor of Mérida, Renan Barrera Concha, participated in the first congress for the internationalization of Mexican municipalities organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he assured that the municipal councils are ready to work to include themselves in the global agendas and create international collaborative links. promote tourism activity in the country.

During the inauguration of the first congress, Barrera Concha, who participated as mayor of Mérida and president of the Association of Capitals of Mexico (ACCM), presented the concerns of the group at the reduction of strategies focused on the promotion of tourism in the cities, especially with the demise of the Tourism Promotion Council, which meant the end of Mexico’s consolidation as a destination for international visitors.

For his part, the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, reaffirmed that they are working to continue creating links and work programs so that cities can continue to build relationships with multinational companies in order to promote economic benefits and employment.

He also pointed out that they are working on the recovery of economies after this pandemic, through multinational efforts to create new collaborations between countries.

Attending as a guest of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the inauguration ceremony and participating in the working tables, the Mayor of Mérida indicated that in the absence of a tourism promotion council, these efforts National and international collaboration will be needed to generate greater economic flow. and more employment sources.

This event, whose purpose is to present to the municipalities the programs and projects proposed by the Ministry of External Relations to meet their needs from an international perspective and to provide a space for the municipalities of the country to listen to the different projects and areas of opportunity , Barrera Concha informed that Mérida has held a respectful and cordial dialogue with the ambassadors of the sister countries of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, to make them aware of the advantages and strengths of Mérida.

Barrera Concha, courtesy of YAM.

Our capitals, he added, want to consolidate this type of synergies with the embassies of the different countries with a dignified representation in Mexico, such as the meetings we held in Mérida with ministers, delegates, representatives and ambassadors from countries like France, Vietnam and Korea.

He explained that Mérida has a relevant importance in the diplomatic field since 11 consulates of foreign nations are established in the city, such as: France, Lebanon, Belize, Korea, Germany, Cyprus, Cuba, Spain, Honduras, the United States of America and Colombia.

“We are in the best position to join, from an international point of view, all the actions of our local governments, coordinating with the representations of Mexico in the world, joining the substantive programs on economic, political , cultural and liaison, promoting our best strategies. for promotion abroad,” he repeated.

If we want to position our cities at the global level, he added, it will be necessary to generate, through our local agendas, greater opportunities for the development and participation of Mexican municipalities in the processes of integration and globalization in the world. .

He pointed out that the ACCM, which brings together 21 Mexican mayors from different cities, who govern a population of 20 million inhabitants, is working to build a new model of municipal management that will make it possible to demonstrate the indisputable contributions and the real value of each of the country’s municipalities.

After thanking as an association the interest and open-mindedness of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, the Mayor of Mérida considered it important to continue to strengthen the municipalist vision as a form of territorial government and administration and as an ideal space for governmental innovation in the global context. .

“We envision the internationalization of our local governments by taking advantage of the opportunities that diplomacy itself offers us in the global context, to demonstrate our strengths in building our own internationalization strategies,” he continued.

He recalled that, in the particular case of Mérida, this year it was ranked 4th among the best cities to travel in the world by the international magazine “Condé Nast Traveler”, a distinction that positioned the city alongside destinations international locations such as Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo and Quebec.

Finally, the inauguration protocol took place in the presence of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Ximena Escobedo Juárez, Director General of Political Coordination; Luis Bernardo Nava Guerrero, Mayor of Querétaro, Querétaro and Vice President of the National Association of Mayors of Mexico (ANAC); Abelina López Rodríguez, Mayor of Acapulco, Guerrero and Secretary General of the Association of Local Authorities of Mexico (AALMAC); César Garza Villareal, Mayor of Apodaca, Nuevo León and President of the National Conference of Municipalities of Mexico (CONAMM); and Fernando Gustavo Flores Fernández, Mayor of Metepec, State of Mexico and Vice President of the Association of Municipalities of Mexico (AMMAC).

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