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New England remembers Queen Elizabeth II – NBC Boston


Residents were reacting to Queen Elizabeth II’s death when the news broke on Thursday.

The British Consulate in Cambridge, Massachusetts, said Thursday afternoon that details of where you can leave tributes to Her Majesty are forthcoming.

She left her mark on many.

Hannah Brown from Holliston lived in England.

“I’m back in the UK for my mother’s 80th birthdaye and she said ‘did you hear the news?’ I’m like, ‘no.'”

She landed in London just hours before the Queen died. She said the mood there was dark.

“It’s really sad, like obviously I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t our queen. That’s all everyone really talks about.”

Brown never met the Queen, but former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis did. He was there when he visited Boston in 1976 – the first British monarch to visit the Commonwealth.

“It was a wonderful day and led to the rebirth of Boston,” he said.

Her favorite memory was when she arrived sliding down the gangway of the yacht she arrived on.

“We were told several times that you weren’t touching her,” he said. “Can you imagine the Queen of England on heels coming down a steep walkway heading straight for you and you’re not supposed to touch her.”

Amusing stories aside, the Queen left a lasting impact on Boston and beyond.

“The reason it matters is that she had such a long reign and such a long life,” explained Shannon Felton Spence, a former employee of the British Consulate in New England.

She said the services would be 10 times larger than Princess Diana’s.

“If you remember the British public and the world’s outpouring of grief and mourning with the boys and the huge funeral in central London – I think that’s probably the best example, but now consider it will be the Queen. “