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Ortom calls Abuja to account for $1 billion joint security fund


Ortom calls for Abuja to account for funds amid growing terror attacks

By Jeph Ajobaju, Editor-in-Chief

Benue Governor Samuel Ortom has asked the federal government to explain the disbursement of $1 billion that the 36 states jointly contributed to bolster national security, now aggravated by terrorists penetrating the country with great ease.

“What did they do with the billion dollars that the Governors Forum donated on behalf of local governments for security?

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“This money is huge. What did they do with the money that terrorists will kidnap citizens without any rescue mission? he said ahead of a State Security Council meeting in Makurdi.

“It is even more worrying and unthinkable that terrorists are threatening to kidnap our president. If this happens, it means that we have no more countries.

“The primary responsibility of any responsive government is to ensure the safety of lives and property. The situation where innocent Nigerians are left at the mercy of vicious terrorists is unacceptable. We must not allow this to continue. »


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Nigeria helpless in the face of insecurity

Ortom expressed his sadness that Nigeria, the giant of Africa, has become helpless in the face of insecurity, lamenting, “It is very painful to see the country where it is today.”

He said that security should be the concern of every citizen, regardless of their political orientation, because the protection of life and property is a priority, for Avant-garde.

He acknowledged the challenges security officers face in carrying out their duties in Benue and commended their sacrifices.

Terrorists seek to restrict religious freedom

Ortom had pointed out earlier this month that the intent of terrorists in bombing churches and kidnapping and killing both clergy and worshipers was to scare people and restrict their religious freedom.

He made the point in an address to Nigerians in the Diaspora and friends of Nigeria at the International Ministerial Events on Freedom of Religion and Belief (FoRB) on Nigeria, organized by the Para-Mallam Foundation for Peace and Justice. International Organization for Peacebuilding and Social Justice. in London.

“Freedom is humanity’s most prized possession, and also its most contested,” Ortom said in a statement he released through his special assistant for Diaspora Affairs, Peter Ichull.

“It is for this reason that any just and progressive society must respect certain freedoms for all, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the constitutions of most nations including Nigeria and other rights”. documents….

“Freedom of religion and belief is paramount because it ensures that every individual has the right to worship in peace and security and to change their religion or belief at any time without fear of persecution.

“The country is under siege and bombing churches and killing clergy and worshipers is supposed to strike fear among the living to restrict their religious freedom.

“Nigerians in the Diaspora should use the international environment with its free press to draw attention to their country’s problems and expose religious extremism….

“Measures that Nigerians expect from the Federal Government include:

  • “Treat all religions and beliefs equally;
  • “Prosecute all religious offenders in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;
  • “Ensure the return and rehabilitation of all displaced persons to their ancestral lands;
  • “Payment of full compensation to all victims of religious persecution and insecurity; and
  • “Ensure that victims of religious persecution obtain justice.