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Student Visa Day at US Consulate Hyderabad


Posted: Posted Date – 10:39 PM, Sat – 21 May 22

Hyderabad: June 7 is Student Visa Day at the US Embassy and Consulates in India, including the US Consulate General in Hyderabad. It is a day dedicated entirely to student visa applicants.

In preparation for Student Visa Day, we will be spending a few weeks focusing on student visa issues.

We place immense value on international students and their contributions to strengthening people-to-people bonds, promoting academic excellence, and strengthening our economies through advanced research and cutting-edge technologies.

This is especially true for Indian students. In fact, Indians are the second largest group of international students in the United States – after China – and we would like to see that number grow.

Of course, one of the most important steps to study in the United States is obtaining a student visa. The U.S. Mission to India understands how critical a timely visa interview is for Indians wishing to attend universities in the United States, which is why we continue to prioritize students for visa interviews.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we surveyed over 120,000 students in 2021 – making 2021 one of our biggest years. And we expect another record student season this summer. In anticipation, we have opened thousands of additional visa appointments and expanded our interview waiver options for students.

Under the new visa guidelines, students who have previously held a US visa can apply using the Dropbox service instead of an in-person interview. Additionally, our visa adjudicators will focus first and foremost on student visas over the next three months.

These are just two of many measures we are taking to facilitate travel for as many qualified student applicants as possible and make 2022 a year of recovery. And what a great way to also mark the 75th anniversary of American-Indian relations!

Next week we will continue to focus on student visas by going deeper into the basic qualifications we look for in student visa applications.

— Consulate General of the United States in Hyderabad