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The Department of Consumer Affairs will refer pending cases to Lok Adalat, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

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The Department of Consumer Affairs announced on Thursday that it will refer pending consumer cases to the National Lok Adalat, which is due to be held on November 12, for disposal by settlement. In an official statement, the ministry said the National Lok Adalat will be held on November 12, 2022 across the country to settle outstanding cases through settlement. A lot of consumer cases should be settled.

“Preparatory work for this exercise has already been initiated and all Consumer Commissions have been instructed to identify cases that have a settlement element and prepare a list of pending cases that can be referred to Lok Adalat,” says the communicated.

Regular monitoring of the establishment of the list is carried out by the consumer service.

To have maximum reach and benefit consumers, the department reaches out to consumers, businesses and organizations via SMS and emails.

It has phone numbers and emails of 3 lakh parties whose cases are pending before the commissions. The ministry has organized a videoconference with the consumer commissions, which has more than 200 ongoing cases.

A separate link is created and disseminated among all stakeholders where one can enter their pending case number and the commission where the case is pending and easily refer the case to Lok Adalat. The link will be distributed by e-mail and SMS.

“Through data analysis, a sectoral breakdown of the wait was identified, such as banking with a total of 71,379 open cases, insurance with 168,827, e-commerce with 1,247, electricity with 33,919. , railroads with 2316, etc., and efforts are underway towards prioritizing the resolution of these consumer cases,” he said.

The Department continuously monitors the settlement of cases in consumer commissions and is working with the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) to refer inclusion of pending consumer cases to be settled through the next National Lok Adalat.

Communication in this regard has already been made to NALSA, he said.

There are approximately 6,07,996 pending consumer cases in the country. At the NCDRC, there are approximately 22,250 case numbers on hold.

Uttar Pradesh has 28,318 pending cases, Maharashtra 18,093, Delhi 15,450 cases, Madhya Pradesh 10,319 and Karnataka 9,615 pending cases.

“ONDC is a government startup. We are currently in the process of validating certain processes and technologies. Another 20 applications will arrive this week,” the additional secretary of the Department for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade told reporters. (DPIIT) Anil Agarwal. here.